A lovely Stockholm evening

It had been a half-day trip to the Swedish capital including the open-air museum Skansen and then the Eurovision 2016 village. What better way to end it around the Gamla Stan on such a favourably warm evening.

Sergel's Square Obelisk, Stockholm

Sergel’s Square Obelisk, Stockholm

We started on our way to Gamla Stan from Sergels torg, a major square in Stockholm. From here it was a walk past the Riksdagen (the Parliment of Sweden) over to the island.

Parliament of Sweden

Riksdagen / Swedish Parliment

Jenny would be returning back to Seoul the next day so was trying to spend her remaining Kroner in Gamla Stan. Too much to spend however it seemed.

Gamla stan, Stockholm

We walked back to the train station over the Vasa Bridge, passing by Riddarholmen.

The Vasa Bridge

The Vasa Bridge

Riddarholmen, Stockholm

Riddarholmen, an inlet connected to Gamla Stan

Parliament of Sweden

Swedish Parliment (Riksdagen) from the bridge

All that was left was for the the hour long train ride back to Uppsala. It always feels like an eternity, but we eventually made it.

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