Blog Status

Slow but sure in May 2016

Keeping up with much of the content for now and slowly getting more structures in place

Changed themes to Hueman, which receives great support and looks like a solid magazine-style theme.

Slowly putting in menus and navigation to break up the whole thing eventually.

Reboot in April 2016

I have restarted this blog, having not touched it for a year. Current state in dot points:

  • A change in host again, this time hopefully for good
  • Slowly recovering old posts etc.
    • There have several attempts over the years
    • Also some small projects that went quite okay
    • Plus forum activity and other social media that should be under the one umbrella
  • In general however it is now in complete shambles 😭
  • Focusing on keeping up with new content while slowly restoring the old
    • I can’t fix all the problems first or else I’m going to be forever chasing my tail
  • Content over design for now, I have a fluid idea what I want but the content

Give it a year or two maybe. If I have enough momentum I just hope things will stick this time.

Current thoughts on why PF

Part of the idea is this shouldn’t be just a travel blog. Although usually it makes much better sense to have a unified theme, over too many years of thinking, that is the theme: unifying. One fundamentally as much for me than anyone. I’m not really here trying to write for an audience particularly, I’m just writing. How I use that may well change over time – it usually does! And although it’s brining different elements together, in a way I still thinking having sub sections to this blog in the long run e.g. having a frontage for just the travel category will provide much better readability.

Although I’m often writing in a linear narrative about life itself, it am attempting to make posts more timeless and temporally ‘unhinged’ you could say. Honestly though it will remain just a work in progress for some time but eventually at least it is a work which I can express what I have done or am thinking in. It really is as simple as that, it remains simply a platform of expression. One I can be assured I control, that I can do as wish with, together or independent of other networks.

This blog is personal but travel focus. Fundamentally I need a way to journal my ways around the world for both family & friends while equally being able to share some knowledge with people who haven’t met me. I spend much of my life shuffling between countries with a rapidly filling passport. I like to think myself both pragmatic and very fortunate. All the coin comes from my own pocket however I seem quite good at playing ‘the game’ so travel most luxuriously but not superfluously. So if you can forgive the occasional narcissistic and entitled undertones I hope you’ll find it all informative and entertaining.