Welcome, to the narrative.


Part of the challenge for me is combining various experiences into a single unified blog. In the past year I’ve been extensively travelling and living abroad while finding it difficult to keep people constantly updated and talking about what I’m up to. Since I plan to do similar for the ongoing future I felt it was time to setup a platform to properly manage this. So I’m trying to put together the last year’s worth of experiences. Now this is important, it’s not just travel but the overall experiences. And I think it will eventuate more broadly than a simple shitty ‘look at me’ travel blog. Although separately I hope to integrate a prior ~5 years of mostly travel related stuff which a lot was posted onto different forums and social media etc.

So there’s three stages 1) setup something for ongoing use 2) properly put together postsΒ from my past 12 months of experiencesΒ 3) the prior 5 years try my best to reconstruct things from what i did post

A part of this effort is more than just having a good platform but also control over privacy and moving away from social media platforms that provide too poor protections. While I am happily very open with what I do with nothing to hide I equally highly value privacy and will fight hard to maintain some

Finally as I hinted, I really hope this could become more than just travel travel, because frankly that’s a bit boring. You can use categories and keywords to easily let people just interested in that to see it. I’ve always found it difficult to manage multiple social media outlets because my life is rather diverse with a large range of activities which absolutely can’t be fit into a single blog, tumblr or heaven-forbid, facebook or twitter feed. But for now I’m going to just see where this ends up πŸ™‚