Category: Consumerism

Dutch Credit Card Bonus Offers

Enough reward points to take a holiday? Some fancy cash back offer? What about free movie tickets or some luxury item? Check out this amazing special sign up offer from one of the major Dutch banks.

Mobile phone strategy in Australia, Cheap SIMs and roaming data

Travelling around means an over-reliance on pay as you go services. Many will argue for cheap(er) roaming services and some of these are worthwhile looking at but if you are genuinely mobile, without a base or ‘home’ then the problem changes. Since I’m a frequent visitor to Australia, often staying 2-4 weeks I...

Target Digital Camera Fire Sale

Dropped by a Target store today and found a range of digital cameras at very good (local) prices. Not sure I’ll buy any but it is tempting, particularly the super cheap video cameras. The quality of course is going to be terrible, but could have it’s alternate uses with lower needs or quality....