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Restarting the blog it seems

At this point I have lost count how many times I have attempted to get this blog running. Here we are, who knows how many years since I first starting. Changed host again and lots of things are missing. Currently it is predominantly travel posts but overtime this should hopefully change. Rather than get...

Recreated the Scratch Map… from scratch 😑

I’ve always semi-maintained a scratch map, the sort of thing you see people post on social media occasionally of ‘countries visited’ most typically. Never inclined to succumb to using some rubbish ready for facebook tool, had maintained a basic one on my home page. Take a look at:

Improving Old Photos

Over the coming weeks months years I plan to try and go through all old posts and upload higher resolution exports of the original photos. Specifically I have installed a “retina” WP plug-in to allow double resolution images loaded on hi DPI screens. 🙂