Restarting the blog it seems

At this point I have lost count how many times I have attempted to get this blog running. Here we are, who knows how many years since I firstย starting. Changed host againย and lotsย of things are missing.ย Currently it is predominantly travel posts but overtime this should hopefully change. Rather than get all the stylisation back to how I want, I will just let it organically grow. So please, excuse the huge mess.

I enjoy a highly active and varied lifestyle, travelling frequently between countries. Fortunately I take lots of (relatively decent) photos but they still need some words to tell the story. This blog is here in part to do that. I want to explore and combine the different aspects I live in and weave it together. Really not so much here for the attention of others although some may find it worthwhile. Always looking forward to maintaining control over my IP. My words and images are my own, unless stated. Modern social media platforms although engaging and for some, enthralling, lack a certain consciousness that otherwise the internet once held. I am all for them but I feel my story is better placed here.

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