Sigtuna and Lake Mälaren Daytrip

Sigtuna is a small town located closed to the main Swedish airport of Arlanda. Founded a millennium ago, it remains a quaint historical village along the shores of Lake Mälaren. Not just historical, it also provides a lovely summer retreat, particularly if coming from hectic Stockholm. There are plenty of boutique hotels and home stays but it also makes for a perfect day trip from Stockholm, Uppsala or maybe a long transit at Arlanda.

The central township itself is super small, mostly along a single narrow road. There are a small number of tourist shops but otherwise it’s an entirely normal town centre, with an ICA supermarket and Systembolaget at opposing ends.

Main street of the old town, Stora gatan

The main street of the old town, Stora gatan

There are a few small parks, the town museum and a central square, which has market sellers and the old town hall.

Sigtuna Park

Sigtuna Square


Opposite the bus station is a large graveyard containing two churches. St. Mary’s Church is the largest active church in the town and sits with the ruins of Saint Olaf’s Church behind it.

St. Mary's Church and St. Olaf's Church Ruin

St. Mary’s Church and St. Olaf’s Church ruin

There are actually several church ruins here, with a history spanning over a 1000 years these are some of the dominant remnants of the historical human presence here.

The city is also home to runic stones, predominantly Christian, that were designed to remember the dead. Most of them can be found around Saint Mary’s Church and the museum.

Lake Mälaren

Besides the township the main feature for locals and visitors alike is the lake that the town is built along. It makes a great place to relax and picnic/grill. Although it was a bit cold today the sun was out and so were the locals.

Lake Mälaren

Further up along the lake is lined by accommodation and a marina with boats with a cafe restaurant.

Sigtuna marina

Did someone like ducks?

There are also too many ducks here, and I know some people really like ducks.

Getting there

Getting to Sigtuna isn’t too difficult. It sits on the border of both Stockholm (SL) and Upplands (UL) public transport networks, with bus connections to Märsta and Knivsta train stations. There is also a direct bus to Arlanda Airport that takes less than half an hour.

The Sigtuna bus station connects you across Stockholm and Upplands

The Sigtuna bus station connects you across Stockholm and Upplands

Derelict Knivsta Train Station

Derelict Knivsta Train Station – it is now an unattended station

Best visited in the warmer months, Sigtuna provides a perfect day trip from the Swedish capital.

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