A Pristine White Christmas!

  • Christmas white out
    And the sun is already setting
  • Christmas white out
  • Christmas white out
    The cathedral and Flogsta hiding in the background
  • Frozen
    Yep, definitely frozen
  • -11
    Can it get colder?
  • Getting dark
    Sun is down, time to go home
  • Overheat
    Unpredictable results outside battery's operating temperatures!
  • Coldest
    Yes, it can get colder.

Well finally I get a proper white Christmas, after everywhere else was just frozen cold but no snow, it was good to be home.

And the sun is already setting

And the sun is already setting, welcome to the north

Took a bit of a walk today but the sun was already going down. Super short day but that’s ok. It is properly cold, unlike Denmark and Germay. Snow everywhere. My phone battery failed exposed to the cold only to give an overheating warning! Happy Christmas!

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