Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Spent some of the day at Singapore’s main bird sanctuary, Jurong Bird Park. This place has been around for decades and is popular with the likes of the Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari and Gardens. Prepare for some poor commentary and rubbish bird photography.

Flying from Scandinavia through to Australia, I fortunately had the whole day transit in Singapore. Caught up with Liz who wanted to go to the Jurong Bird Park. Rather opportunistic however, as they had been offering residents an annual membership cheaper than a single entry. Since I had a Singapore Airlines boarding pass I was also able to scrap some piety discount. The Bird Park is in Jurong, on the western side of Singapore. Not the easiest accessible place but there are of course buses which was a good chance to slightly reduce my EZ Link card balance a bit more. The area once remote is now surrounded by development. Like all things Singapore, land is scarce and attractions are somewhat pricey and artificial.


Upon entering there is an overwhelming Flamingo population. The place is actually quite large and built on the side of the hill with some parts a steep walk. The park used to feature a small monorail and the stations and some pylons remain, however it has been replaced with a somewhat disappointing motorised ‘train’.

Not sure why but this is an aquarium. These are fish, not birds.

Not sure why but this is an aquarium. These are fish, not birds.

The park is divided into different regions and includes more than just birds. You could easily spend a good day out here.

Being quite family orientated they have daily presentations, including feeding sessions, falconry (that was actually quite cool) and a flying show, which is super stereotypical theme/amusement park sort of thing. I’m not really accustom to it and not sure how I feel about it just yet.

Probably the nicest bit is the most natural. Right at the back of the park at the top of the hill is a waterfall with multiple walking paths around it.

Jurong Bird Park Waterfall

If you want to see birds then this is an awesome place to go. Pack some food, the few cafes and restaurant at the front gate are expensive (definitely avoid the western snacks). I hope you appreciate I haven’t bored you to death with lots of bird photos.

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