Enrich changes

At extremely short, one week notice, Enrich is significantly increasing points required for MAS awards.

New Burn Charts or PDF

In short they’re finally correcting the 60(51 online)k cap for longhauls connecting through KUL. A slight reduction on extremely short sectors which remain somewhat expensive. Most mid-range trips increase approximately 50% while something like Sydney to London doubles! Fortunately for me ADL to some of Europe falls under the lower mileage tier so is the increase isn’t so painful. AMS-KUL-ADL for later in the year will still be there falling about 100 miles under the top tier redemption.

Obviously they’ve been underpricing their awards for sometime but the dramatic and sudden change isn’t pleasurable. The one week notice is highly disappointing even if it has no impact on me and I would argue they’ve overcorrected if anything. The immediate and direct comparison is Singapore Airlines, which relatively equal has a better reputation and higher brand value (although I’d personally argue MAS is superior). Now comparing Enrich to Krisflyer, you can’t help but suggest they have overcorrected their award rates. Krisflyer is actually cheaper on many city pairs as they stick to a region based structure. SYD to Europe again is 80 or 95k on SQ, 115k on MH. Both have equal 15% online booking discount. MH F rates remain ridiculous and one should still book a J award then upgrade it. Again SQ have reasonable F award rates which are much, much cheaper and in most quarters have a significantly better F products. The only remaining savior for MH remains their availability. Hopefully that’s enough for them.

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