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After a very long weekend with the ZoukOut music festival I was exhausted but had to leave Singapore. We had been out all night so by the time we got back to the Westin ate breakfast in the executive lounge then tried to catch up on some sleep. With an late evening departure to Adelaide from KL, I had a reasonably late connecting flight from Singapore. The late checkout was of huge benefit today. Having already purchased the flight long-haul flight I had to book the first sector separately and somehow came up with Singapore to Nepal transiting KL. Because it was such a late booking I had to get it reticketed at the airport, Malaysian Airlines don’t allow for such changes over the phone within 24 hours of departure. Turns out this wasn’t as easy as it should have been.

There was just the one hard working agent for Malaysia at Changi with a couple of difficult customers. What I needed was relatively routine but we were rapidly running out of time after we arrived with less time to spare than we anticipated. I ended up simultaneously checking in with the adjacent staff while the booking was reticketed. Because I would be changing the KL to Kathmandu flight date, I would have to pay the change fee and also Malaysian departure fees because it would now be a stopover in KL. Running so short on time, the agent decided it was best to end up issuing it as a MCO and told me to hold onto it. Something less seen now days particularly with electronic ticketing that will no doubt cause a small trouble in the future. This piece of paper is the only proof of payment I have of it.

Short Singapore to KL Business Class Flight

MAS depart from Singapore Changi terminal two which can be the most hectic. By now boarding had commenced and I had only just said goodbye in departures. So no time for the lounge. We genuinely were allocated the furthest gate on the pier so I needed a brisk walk before finding the flight in the later stages of boarding. Pretty standard B737-800 product that Malaysia Airlines use to regional locations. With just a one hour scheduled duration there is little time for catering but business class is still served a choice of two small hot snack/dishes. With MAS, satay is always a good choice.

MH608 Snack

Business class was quite full, partly why I had to book full C class today. I was seated in the front aisle seat, and the passenger adjacent also still had a ZoukOut wristband on so I was not the only one. We arrived into KL on time and I made my way directly to the lounge.

Enrich Platinum Lounge Slumber Rooms

My plan was to make use of the slumber rooms until close to departure, eat dinner before boarding then sleep on the plane. While I’m a frequent visitor to this lounge I seldom use the slumber rooms, but when you need it having a lounge with free private rooms is a huge benefit. The last time I used them was on a first class flight to Paris, departing at midnight but delayed for three hours. As the only first class passenger I had a grand old time while no doubt many others were suffering. This time upon asking for a room I was briefly questioned on whether I should even be there. Being an enrich award the boarding pass only had my Malaysia Enrich number and (lack of) status. They ask you to wait while they fetch you a key from the front reception while leave your boarding pass there for you to pick up.

MAS KL Platinum Lounge Slumber Room

MAS KL Platinum Lounge Slumber Room

The rooms are pretty basic but the bed is really all you need. It’s about the same as the Changi airside transit hotel rooms, albeit a little bigger and complementary. There is ample space for luggage and get changed if needed.

MAS KL Platinum Lounge Slumber Room

I got a bit to rest for a further 2-3 hours before heading to the dining room. This was an ideal situation to eat on the ground instead of the flight. By now I’ve eaten here too many times and have tried most of the menu even though they have a few different variations. In general the mains are quite okay, sandwiches are lacking. Cheesecake is always a favourite for me. But this time I ran out of time 🙁


Upon leaving the lounge I returned the room key and was handed back my boarding pass with an added hand-written status.

Boarding Pass

Boarding as usual took place from one of the pier ends. The ever friendly welcoming onboard. I was off for a brief few day visit to Australia.

Great Service + Sleep

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve taken this flight now but nothing has changed. Still just over 7 hours, enough to get an okay sleep if you skip the meal service. Seated at the front in 1G and nearly as always, had the adjacent seat free. So given it’s so routine now, I planned to sleep right through the whole thing and think nothing of it. But I had missed out on dessert in the lounge. So to remedy this I thought I’d ask for something particular and see if they could go above and beyond. In the menu I searched for the sweet breakfast dish – there’s always pancakes or something, today it was one of their waffles. Politely I asked if there was any chance they could serve it for supper, as my dessert. Now generally catering is packed that many airlines would simply refuse, outside of first class, although Malaysia does allow for even the most breakfast-y dish to custom ordered for a dinner service. Anyway the response was most positive which I was quite pleased with. Since my table was set I also got another round of satay.

Blueberry and pineapple waffles for 'supper'

Blueberry and pineapple waffles for ‘supper’

I had set my expectations pragmatically low for this dish. From my past experiences, these sort of meals just don’t come off great on flights. Specifically when I’ve previously had other waffles or hotcakes with Malaysia Airlines. I did however get good pancakes in first class with them, so it’s not impossible. Maybe having it served at the commencement of the flight made it fresher, but it was satisfactory. It was not great but certainly not bad either.

Quite happy after all that, I slept (or tried to) for the remainder of the flight and got woke up before landing in Adelaide.

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