SAS Gold Lounge Oslo

Like Copenhagen and Stockholm Arlanda airports, SAS operate a dual lounge concept in Oslo. The SAS Lounge provides a place for business class/plus fare passengers while within there is a better Gold Lounge for EuroBonus and Star Alliance gold members. I’d be flying to Arlanda on the day’s final international departure so both lounges were nearly empty when I visited. The Gold Lounge offers good views of the check-in area with similar a similar dining experience to Copenhagen and Arlanda.

Oslo Airport is rather small and has just the 2.5 lounges. If you follow the signs you’ll end up at a lift with stairs leading up where the SAS lounges and the OSL lounge are located. Star Alliance carriers will all use the SAS lounges.

SAS Gold Lounge OSL Entrance

From there it’s a walk down the gangway to the lounge.

SAS Gold Lounge OSL Entrance

As is common in Scandinavia, you scan your own boarding pass to enter through a turnstyle. This occurs at security or even at the gate for some domestic flights. The Gold Lounge is inside the Business Lounge, so you keep your boarding pass handy because you will have another gate to pass through.

SAS Gold Lounge Oslo

Similar to other SAS lounges, there are distinct areas from the ‘restaurant’ and dining, study/work and relaxation. The style is both homely and Nordic. Well styled and furnished, the lounge has a relaxed atmosphere. Although I was visiting in the spring I can easily imagine how it would feel in the winter.

SAS lounges often have a good but Nordic selection of food available. Unfortunately during this visit staff had already started to pack up as I was on the final flight of the day. So I missed out on cooked fish for example, but there were still plenty of fresh and healthy food available.

SAS Gold Lounge Oslo Foodosl-saslounge-fruit

There was also an adequate supply of beverages, including a fridge and soft dispenser.


I spent the remainder of my time in lounge letting my phone charge with drinking sparkling wine and enjoying the view.

The final flight was called and the it was announced the lounge was closing. I and all the other visitors shuffled out toward our short evening flight to Stockholm Arlanda.

The SAS Lounge network is currently being upgraded and expanded at several airports so this lounge may be further improved in the near future.

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