Skopje Airport Primeclass business lounge

Let’s be honest, I didn’t actually go into this lounge. Although if I had complementary access I would still would have been weary.

Skopje appears to only have this single lounge,ย a super generic contract lounge at that. But by all looks it’s pretty poor, compared to Bucharest, Sofia and others. Traditional carriers would provide access for their elites and business class passengers however many carriers to Skopje are low cost. In these cases you can access with either PriorityPass or DragonPass. Even with discounted rates I personally couldn’t see the value. There appears to be no lounge wifi, meaning you’re stuck with the free terminal wifi which on my visit simply did not work. The cafe outside sells decent snacks and coffee and surprisingly okay prices.


DragonPass and PriorityPass charge the usual fee on your contract. Through the Primeclass lounge website they offer single stays for โ‚ฌ20 + tax but their other lounges offer annual membership cards from just โ‚ฌ50-60. If you lived here sure but otherwise it’s a lot to pay to useย a slightly better chair.

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