Iberia Dali VIP Lounge Madrid T4 (Schengen)

Iberia’s Regional Lounge in Madrid Terminal 4 for flying inside Schengen is the Dali VIP lounge (Dali Sala VIP). The lounge is a very similar design to the Iberia’s Velazquez lounge in terminal 4S for non-Schengen flights but smaller and has less facilities. For short intra-European flights, the lounge is an average flagship business class lounge providing limited pre-packed food options and a so-so design. Sadly best bit was looking up at the lovely ceiling of the airport terminal.I was transiting between a domestic flight from Melilla to a LAN flight onto Frankfurt. Both unusual flights in terms of Schengen in that Melilla has a special exemption for ID checks due to access granted to Moroccans and the LAN flight operates out of the non-Schengen terminal. So I was heading through immigration and to the non-Schengen Velazquez lounge. But first I decided to drop into the Dali lounge to see what Iberia offers in the modern Madrid international terminal 4.

Where is it?

The lounge is located behind the terminal 4 security clearance. Rather than descending down the escalator to the terminal you walk further into the terminal. If you’re coming through the priority security channel it will be to your right when you exit. For transit passengers it is not as easy to get to but the modern terminal is mostly well signed.


Entry conditions are fairly standard, either access through flying business class or with airline status.


The central entrance way leads you to enter toward the left or right with no indication of either. Both sides are quite similar, the left has slightly more food and seating but lacks the view of the right. Right at the back, parallel to the reception is thin passageway over looking the concourse which connects the two sides together.

They do have some odd design elements and decorations. Honestly I didn’t mind them but they’re not great. No doubt some would hate it and I can see it quickly becoming old if you’re a frequent visitor.



It is mostly bar stools on high desks or large padded seats around tables. Nothing super special.


Self-serve café areas provide pre-made snacks and light meals. There is no hot/cold buffet or kitchen in this lounge which is a let down, however what the sandwiches and wraps provided are of good quality. This is an adequate middle ground that avoids them needing a kitchen but also provides some fresh, albeit off-site, catering. Better than some poor microwaved hot food.


Toilets and showers are present but there is nothing particularly note worthy for a longer stay.

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