Iberia Velazquez Lounge Madrid T4S (Non-Schengen)

This is Iberia’s flagship lounge an offers a range of facilities for sleeping, dining, working and relaxing. It offers a high quality of amenities with a local cultural influence is open all day, everyday. Over the spring and summer of 2016 I’m getting three chances to visit the Iberia International Business Lounge in Madrid Terminal 4S. First for breakfast before a flight to Casablanca, a second time during a long day transit on the LAN tag flight to Frankfurt and finally in the late evening on an Iberia flight to Lima. I’ll add to this post with each visit.

Last year when visiting Madrid, I departed on Turkish airlines during a nicely convoluted nine flight trip back from Sweden to Australia. That time I missed out on using the new terminal and its facilities. This year I would be crossing through Madrid thrice in relatively quick succession. This is the lounge for flights exiting Schengen area, those not are served from terminal 4, before passport control and use the lesser Iberia Dali lounge.

General Layout

The lounge is relatively elongated, with windows looking out over the airport for the entire length. Reception is at the centre with small front desk that also handles enquiries. Behind reception, both sides are somewhat similar except for specialised ammenities. Although completely open, there is plenty of space to divide general seating, entertainment and dining/bar areas.


Seating is predominantly single padded lounge seats and dining tables in dining areas. Power sockets are slightly limited except around work benches with bar seats.


Flights are generally called however there are numerous electronic flight boards throughout the lounge. Adjacent to the reception is a matrix of screens showing both more information and the most immediate departures.After several delays it was finally announced

All Day Dining

The lounge offers a variety of good food options. Each end of the lounge features a cafe selection of drinks and all-day snacks. They also feature buffets serving hot and cold options reflecting the time of day.


The cafe sections are identical in design and layout to the ones in the Schengen Iberia Dali lounge. The main addition here is the buffet which has fresh options for breakfast and also all-day options. It is half hot, half cold and provides for a meal more than just a snack.

For breakfast there’s both European and American style options. During the day there is warm meat (chicken, fish) and vegetables with cold cuts and salads. Separately the cafe here also offers sweets and ice cream all day.

Bar and wine bar

Half way toward each end of the lounge features a small self-serve bar facility. On the end opposite the slumber room and bistro there is a wine bar with a cellar design.


The bistro is open in the evening for Iberia departures, specifically referring to eligible customers.

(Coming Soon)

Entertainment and rest areas

Both sides of the lounge features a semi-partitioned off television viewing area.

The winning feature of this lounge is the rest/relaxation room. It offers several couches to relax and for most people sleep on. Kept in relative darkness it takes your eyes some minutes to actually see, after you stumble in initially. As the lounge is open 24 hours daily, you could potentially use this for a short overnight transit, however with enough demand you might find yourself in a situation similar to Qatar’s flagship Doha lounge.


As usual, access is limited to those flying with oneworld or an Iberia partner either with oneworld status for the former or if flying in business class. You physically access the lounge from the duty free shopping you must pass through after passport control (after the inter-terminal train). It is nearly impossible to miss the lounge if you’re looking for it.


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