Marrakech to Casablanca by Train

Marrakech is the tourist centre of Morocco but the country has so much more to offer. I was heading north through the capital. The cities are well connected by multiple forms of transport, but the pick of them is the train. It’s a modernised service and the station at Marrakech is better than Casablanca. First class tickets cost not much more and provide plenty of room, particularly if you’re carrying around luggage.

I had been staying in the medina of Marrakech, so after a brief walk was able to take a taxi from the centre to the train station. The station is in the new quarter with modern buildings and major businesses. The inside of the station is quite modern and has great amounts of light through it’s multi-storey front window.

No need to book in advance here, I was able to purchase from one of the counters very easily. The next train would be departing to Fes via Casablanca with under an hour’s wait. The station is compact but a good size with a few stores, cafes and international fast food (McDonalds, KFC).

People are kept within the station until boarding commences, where they check tickets at the door before you proceed to the platform.

Marrakech Train Station

It wasn’t super clear which carriage was which, until you were onboard. I was lucky and picked the door right next to my cabin. First class has 6 person berths with plenty of space. These are great for the distances in Morocco.

ONCF First Class Cabin

These modern tilt trains travel at sufficient speed, to cover the distance quickly. We averaged between 120-160 km/h on the main parts of the journey. There aren’t too many stops but the cabin slowly filled up toward the latter half of the journey. There is some scenery on the journey, but not too spectacular.

The penultimate stop is Casablanca Airport before a slow path through the city. The main station in Casablanca is older but not too poorly placed for a traveller. There is a tram line outside that moves through the major parts of the city and also a Ibis hotel, which I stayed overnight.

If you’re travelling within Morocco consider the train, it’s quick and affordable. The network is somewhat limited, although most major destinations are covered. I would be travelling north to Tétouan next, so took a quick but cheap flight instead.

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