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Iberia Dali VIP Lounge Madrid T4 (Schengen)

Iberia’s Regional Lounge in Madrid Terminal 4 for flying inside Schengen is the Dali VIP lounge (Dali Sala VIP). The lounge is a very similar design to the Iberia’s Velazquez lounge in terminal 4S for non-Schengen flights but smaller and has less facilities. For short intra-European flights, the lounge is an average flagship business class lounge...

Malaga Airline Lounge: AENA Sala VIP Europa

A short visit to the main lounge in Malaga Airport T3, AENA Sala VIP Europa. This lounge is used by all oneworld carriers at Malaga in addition to a range of other airlines. I used it rather early in the morning for a flight on Iberian regional affiliate and oneworld affiliate Air Nostrum. 

Iberia Velazquez Lounge Madrid T4S (Non-Schengen)

This is Iberia’s flagship lounge an offers a range of facilities for sleeping, dining, working and relaxing. It offers a high quality of amenities with a local cultural influence is open all day, everyday. Over the spring and summer of 2016 I’m getting three chances to visit the Iberia International Business...