Penang Ferry between Georgetown and Butterworth

We were leaving Penang and after a last minute change of mind we decided against flying to Langkawi and take the train to Ipoh instead. Although there are now two road bridges between Penang Island and the mainland, the ferry remains a great option highly used by locals. Ferries transport cars and pedestrians and run constantly with limited waiting time depending on demand. You only get charged 1.2 MYR for trips departing from Butterworth, from Georgetown it is free. It is about a 10-15 minute trip across theย Selatan Strait/Penang Strait.

Selatan Strait

So after getting dropped off at the Penang ferry and bus terminal we took the free ferry to Butterworth. The butterworth terminal connects directly to the train station and bus station albeit with some unnecessary walking down and upstairs. The whole area has had some recent work and remains partly a construction site. A mall is being built which will connect direct to the ferry pier and no doubt tie it all up nicely.

Selatan Strait

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