High-tea at Carcosa Sri Negara, Kuala Lumpur

We met up with friends for afternoon tea at the colonial beauty of Carcosa Sri Negara. The hotel harps from the late 1800s, as the house for the Governor of British Malay. Long owned by the British Government, it is now a Malaysian Government property and operates both a hotel and highly regarded high-tea. The property surrounded by parks, transports you back in time in what otherwise is now an ocean of concrete highways and steel skyscrapers of modern Kuala Lumpur.

The hotel is colonial-era property is situated within the Perdana Botanical Gardenย (Taman Tasik Perdana) not far from KL Sentral and the old colonial Kuala Lumpur Station. Transport however is not the easiest, even if you can physically see the place from the Hilton or Le Meridien you can’t get there without a 20 minute taxi-ride that doubles back on itself.

Once you’re there though, it is an amazing colonial treasure with a fascinating history that has been superbly maintained.



The hotel offers just a handful of suites but most peopleย visit for their signature high tea service. A number of us travelling together tomorrow decided to meet up here. Liz and I arrived hoping we had the right place when we initially couldn’t find anyone. But out on the verandah we saw friendly faces.


We waited a bit until we were (nearly) all present before ordering. There was a choice of English or Malay style along with a wide choice of teas. Needless to say we all enjoyed it immensely.


Our association being simply that of frequent travelling, the conversation invariablyย turned to airlines, hotels and loyalty programs and the latest ways to take advantage. Before departing we spent a bit of time indulging in the majesty of this building and it’s surrounds.


Never to far away is the modern city. Although this is an amazing place to step out temporarily.

We would all see each other again tomorrow!

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