Kuala Lumpur – Auckland on Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Yet another route of Malaysia Airlines I have now flown. After overnighting in KL it was an early morning departure to all the way down to New Zealand. The extended flight time to NZ makes this more like a long-haul European service than regional flights within Asia and Australia. An added incentive for this flight is it should still post provide ‘full’ status credit with Qantas, as they have only reduced the earning between Australia-KL-Europe.

At just over 10 hours, this flight would be great to take overnight. Unfortunately the departure time was an early 9 am, arriving just after midnight… you really do ‘lose’ the entire day on this one. I grabbed a quick breakfast in the Aloft at KL Sentral this morning before taking the KLIA Ekspres. Liz had said goodbye to me at the station before returning to the hotel to get more sleep. Half way to the airport I get a call whether I know this person… the card had stopped working and they wouldn’t believe that she had access to the room. Not using my Malaysian SIM card or having working wifi on the train didn’t help the cause.

Check-in at the first class counters of Malaysia Airlines is always painless nor is immigration with the express pass. So I still arrived a bit too early so sat in the empty Malaysia Airlines Platinum lounge, in the satellite terminal of KLIA.


Thankfully I was able to board soon. A little busy this morning on the A330 to Auckland. This business class cabin I have flown far too many times, with slopping flat beds in a 2x2x2 configuration. This may be the last time I fly Malaysia before they retrofit the fleet with the new business class product.


God was so tired, could barely stay awake before take off.


There was a obligatory breakfast service that wasn’t exactly breakfast, at least for me! I’m not sure how they place this service but for me it would be late morning and I was happy to have ordered something a bit more substantial than they often provide for breakfast.

I slept much of the flight because, well it’s timing sort of sucks. But was a good chance to catch up on just resting as I would be missing out on sleep the next time (I will be overnighting in the airport for just a few hours). So nothing too exciting today and was easy to write this up on the plane.

So fast forward a few hours and we were over the Tasman sea. A full dinner was served, which is basically a second dinner right?


Once we arrived and were through immigration and everything is was about an hour past midnight. My next flight departed in a few hours so I stayed around the international terminal for an hour or two before walking across to domestic, thankfully in good nighttime weather.

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