Rerouting from Nepal: easy Malaysia award change

Last week I made a visit to the local Malaysia Airlines ticketing office in Adelaide. Compared to the arrangement with local carrier Qantas, you forget how useful it is to have a local ticketing office to help sort problems out. Reservations over the phone works fine of course, but there is certainly an intrinsic quality to face to face ticketing.

So I had the second half of an Enrich award from last year, SIN-KUL-KTM which I booked on the day of departure after ZoukOut. I had only planned on the taking the first leg so randomly booked onto Kathmandu as it seemed both random and good value for the distance based awards. After a drastic last minute change at Changi it had been left unused for six months.

I had considered pushing it back further, these tickets only have a 20 USD change fee on them however redemptions have a six month expiry, a further six month extension costs 40 USD I was told. With the recent Earthquakes I assumed there had been change waivers in place. Even if I could I don’t feel like currently would a great or appropriate time to visit. To my benefit I was told the change and expiry extension fees would be waived if rebooked for travel by late August. That still was workable for me and use it for travelling onto Europe to begin studying for the year beginning in September. However in a week (early June) I needed to book KUL-CMB to position for a UL fare I had rebooked after misconnecting in Dubai. Fortunately for me rerouting would be possible (it’s a few hundred miles shorter in distance) and this seemed like the most sensible decision. While I’m losing some value in the ticket it gets me where I need to go to instead of sending me somewhere I’m unsure I want to visit right now. So today I had it reticketed, incurring no further cost.

Malaysia Airlines ticketing office in downtown Adelaide

Malaysia Airlines ticketing office in downtown Adelaide

Obviously I’m disappointed not to be able to visit Nepal and one can only hope the humanitarian situation is resolved with earnest. But for now I nearly have the next trip fully booked, starting from a few days time.

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