Swedavia Stockholm Arlanda Lounge

A brief mention of this lounge separately before my Emirates first class flights. My stay here was rather brief and relative to the first class product quite a disappointment particularly compared to other ports with actual Emirates lounges. Stockholm has limited long haul flights and this is the only lounge to be placed after passport control, so is exclusive to non-Schengen flights.

To enter the non-Schengen area you pass through immigration to the right after exiting the duty free outlet. I’m assuming you’ve gone through the main terminal 5 security channels or else you’re far away from everything! Being Christmas they had setup a huge tree with lights in front of immigration.

Arlanda Christmas Tree

From here it’s straight up an escalator and you’ll find basically nothing. There’s little up here. As the only lounge after immigration it no doubt saves time at peak periods when queues form. Most (all?) foreign airlines flying outside Schengen utilise the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge and there is no clear room for another to be built. SAS and other Star Alliance carriers make use of the main SAS lounges, a long walk from the immigration counters.

Stockholm Arlanda Lounge Entrance

The entrance stands distant in the spartan terminal

Access is granted to passengers in business class or holding elite membership status. I was flying first class on Emirates (the only real top class product flying to Sweden) and my Qantas platinum membership provides some reciprocal benefits on Emirates.

Far more interesting than the lounge sadly

Far more interesting than the lounge sadly

Once inside you’ll find a small buffet and beverage selection along the left with some bar seating and work spaces in the centre and more bar seating on the right. The better, more comfortable seating is at the back of the lounge which is in a L shape.

Stockholm Arlanda Lounge Seating

I was in a rush so a lack of photos inside. A better mini-review is at businessclass.se which includes some photos. While it may be acceptable to more pragmatic Nordic standards the lounge is rather poor to international standards. There is no hot food and only a limited alcohol selection. Unfortunately facing land side it also has a view which is rather unappealing.

Not a great view. Although being inside from the cold this time of year.

Not a great view. Although being inside from the cold this time of year.

To compare with other airport lounges at Arlanda, the features are similar but less . SAS lounge, the easy comparison is to the single lounge in terminal 2 used by oneworld carriers. The food situation is similar however the seating and ambience in my opinion is better. The lounge is best used to get in before a rush at immigration but don’t plan a long stay here.

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