Waiting for Lion Air at Denpasar Airport

Sittingย around Denpasar Airport for many hours waiting waiting waiting on Lion Air. So taking a few photos…

After flying into Denpasar early this evening I was waiting forย Liz to join fromย Jogjakarta. A quick and easy domestic flight should be no difficulty. But hey it’s Lion Air and the end of the day so departing after scheduled arrival time!

With the (significantly improved) new international terminal built, the old international terminal is now used for domestic operations. So an upgraded experience all round but it is nowย a bit of a walk, albeit completely covered, between domestic and international.

Denpasar Domestic Arrivals

Waiting at the ex-international, now domestic terminal arrivals

Denpasar International Arrivals

New Denpasar International Terminal Arrivals

Waiting and waitingย several hours after my flight from Adelaide, I am bored enough to watch the patterns of aircraft movements on my phone and particularly their avoidance of the islands.

Tracking around the island

Arriving eventually but safely is enough here sometimes.

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