Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge at Heathrow

Arriving into London on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class I visited their Revivals lounge to make plans for the day. Heathrow probably has more arrival lounges than any other airport and Virgin Atlantic have recently renovated their arrivals facilities. So in this case competition definitely is a good thing. Virgin Atlantic use Heathrow Terminal 3 and the arrivals lounge is land side, not far from the customs exit and directly upstairs of the Emirates Chauffeur Drive booth. The door to enter is the quite innocuous Heathrow styling, but upon entering you’re immediately greeted back by the Virgin Atlantic aesthetics in the entrance hallway.

I had been asked the night prior in the Hong Kong Clubhouse whether I’d visiting the revivals lounge but did not receive an invite card but was welcomed in with my boarding pass. The staff were very proactive in asking what I’d like. In this case I started with a shower and would eat breakfast afterward. Behind the front desk is a large storage area for luggage, particularly useful after collecting your checked baggage. The front desk assigned me a shower and I was left to my own. The are plenty of showers and they share a hallway with the spa service in addition to some odd back rooms I glimpsed passing by. Now entering the shower I quickly discovered there was no hot water. I’m not sure why, but I left the hot water on for over five minutes, maybe ten, hoping there would eventually be hot water. I eventually gave up and decided to go back out and at that very moment, as often does happen, steam appeared. Finally!

With similar amenities to what is provided onboard, space for luggage and a very decent sized towel, the showers are a welcome way to arrive if you’re not immediately heading into town. Do however bring your amenity kit from the flight for the toothbrush.

After a morning shower I walked back to the main area, which has two seating sections. Most people sit around the lounges with the TV overhead however closer to the bar are more traditional dining arrangements.


Dining area


I sat down against the far wall and was very quickly offered the menu and drinks.

Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge Breakfast Menu

The English Breakfast has a few options for a hearty breakfast. I had incidentally been craving carrot juice, unfortunately it was only a shot of it but nonetheless a definite order.

English BreakfastFreshly cooked, it sure beats plane food! Very good though. And a nice change back to western food after a few weeks in Japan/Korea/China/HK.

After eating I didn’t really have much to do so remained in the lounge to sort out plans. I still had to get myself to Sweden and had been considering a Virgin Atlantic Little Red flight up to Scotland later in the day.

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 Model

A nice touch to the lounge is a 747-400 model in VS livery (obviously!)…

So there was one other problem with the lounge, simply there are very few power sockets available. Possibly this was out of their control however understandably for an arrivals lounge, particularly when many of your planes still feature EmPower sockets, there may well be travellers needing to charge their devices! The lounge features a small office space by the entrance with a couple computers, desk area for a laptop but no sockets. I stepped in but they were trying to diagnose some IT issues it seemed.

Office space

I instead moved to one of the few tables with power and charged what I needed. Had long planned which hotel to stay at if I wasn’t flying onward but hadn’t booked anything. After an hour of searching for combinations that worked, decided just to take it easy for the day and get the room near Heathrow. The National Express Heathrow Hoppa buses depart just from below the lounge so very easy to get to the majority of Hotels.

By the time I’d charged things and devised a plan it was getting to late morning so why not order some more food before I go. Starting with the yoghurt pot.


Small serving but good for me as a snack. I was still hungry though so ask for the breakfast roll. Thoughtfully I was offered to have it ‘to go’, which they clearly seemed happy to do. I noticed throughout my stay there were occasionally arrivals simply waiting upon their drivers to arrive.

Breakfast Roll

I ended up staying for a few hours and got a bit of work done. Possibly was just a quiet day but there were under fifty people who visited throughout my stay. Besides the (somewhat serious) issues of hot water and power sockets it is otherwise a quite comfortable place to spend some time upon arriving if you have nowhere to go immediately. Good shower facilities after a longhaul are always welcomed and the food was of equally high standard to their upperclass product.

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