Vienna Sightseeing

We spent a somewhat overcast day visiting the capital of Austria. The centre of the city is full of architectural and cultural highlights, far too many for a single day. We took photos of everything again, so I’ve tried to pick out the best.

We started our exploration near the hotel. Just outside was an art installation in front the Soviet War Memorial.belvedere-palace-artwork

The war memorial (Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee) is an impressive fountain with a semi-circle of marble columns dedicated to the Soviet soldiers in the Battle for Vienna.

From here we proceeded to Karlsplatz, a major square/plaza in the city. The biggest thing here is Karlskirche (St. Charles’s Church), a huge Baroque style church.

Karlskirche (St. Charles's Church) Karlskirche (St. Charles's Church)

Karlsplatz itself is a huge open space with some major transport connections and convenience shops all under the major road.

Karlsplatz, Vienna

We also discovered the Australian and New Zealand embassies just behind and adjacent to the church.

Australian and New Zealand embassies in Vienna

Moving onto the museum quarter, the city has a huge number of museums and other cultural attractions all in one place. Again with a variety of grand architectural pieces.

Just behind these museums is the Hofburg Palace, once the imperial palace it is now part of the presidential palace.

Hofburg Palace

The Austrian Parliament Building houses the federal government. Built in the late 1800s it is in the Greek Revival style.

Austrian Parliament Building

There are many parks in Vienna and each has its own monuments and architecture to talk about. We enjoyed stopping and just relaxing in them during the day.

From Volksgarten we could see the Vienna City Hall (Wiener Rathaus). We walked towards the towering structure to find it was hosting a large outdoor film festival.

As the sun slowly set we continued to explore the Innere Stadt as we slowly meandered back to our hotel for the night.

Evening in Vienna

Night in Vienna

It was good night from Vienna.

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