Rock in Vienna music festival🤘

I trying to figure out if I should go Budapest now or later while Julia was planning on going to a rock music festival with a friend. Neither of them wanted to go, her friend pulled out, exhausted after a fun run that morning. She felt obligated to go however as it was an old friend (ok they met once apparently) was playing and he had organised free tickets for her, for the third time. This was the final day of the festival so naturally that’s where I ended up.


I really wasn’t certain what vibe would be, actually I had no idea what to expect at all. Neither of us really fit with the crowd but it’s not hard to pretend (pretty much my life story, right?). Even the band, a UK folk rock ensemble didn’t really match. Getting off the U3 (?)

we were already surrounded by leather jackets, tattoos, heavy smoking and a old rock t-shirts. I was glad I wore my leather jacket, although clearly there were many neo-nazis in the crowd. People with swastikas tattooed on their shaved heads and other more Austrian symbols were forever present. Okay so not everyone was like that but the event had certainly pulled out that part of society. Various police organisations were carefully watching, no doubt for particularly known individuals.

We found the small, supporting act stage near the entrance. It only had a small crowd but her friend’s band, Skinny Lister certainly played up to it. They were the last act for the day on this stage and genuinely felt a little out of place but the

If there was a plus side to it all, somehow the park had eduroam wifi. So I had some high speed connectivity.

Since we were inside we may as well try get the most from it. The main stage(s) rotated headline acts throughout the day


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