Tivoli, Copenhagen for Lille Juleaften

Nordic countries all have their own Christmas traditions but in general they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. In Denmark they haveย Lille Juleaften or little Christmas Eve which is like Christmas Eve in the anglosphere… people rush around like crazy to buy crap from their loved ones. (An aside, is loved ones past tense?) Lucky for me this is the night the Tivoli is opened before Christmas!

But first we had to take the Metro into town from the Airport. Nice and quick but unlike the train it leaves slightly more than short walk to the Tivoli. On the way we passed through a street Christmas Market.

Another block away and we were at the Tivoli. The Tivoli gardens are one of the oldest amusement parks in the world (quick Wikipedia check: it’s actually the 2nd oldest in the world to another in Denmark). While it is full of amusements, rides, cafes and restaurants it can also be enjoyed just for the atmosphere. I suppose the appeal to me has been it still holds some old world charm and feels more like a traditional European amusement park than the modern internationalised types. But of course the whole point coming here was to see it at Christmas and it did not disappoint.

Christmas Tree

If you are going to visit try to at night time because it is most beautiful.


Reflections over the lake

Being both an amusement park and in Denmark, prices once inside are, you could say, appreciable. So we made the most of it but the real truth is, I was thinking to myself “it’s just too cold”. Certainly beyond the point of being difficult to take photos. It simply became unpleasant and the weather turned, so most people withdrewย to inside eateries. Sometimes one hasย to decide to be happy with the day and head home. A short walkย to the train station and it’s a very briefย wait for a trainย and rideย to the Airport. Don’t miss the stop or you’ll possibly end up in Sweden.

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