Hilton Copenhagen Airport

After flying in from Frankfurt the next stop was a day in Copenhagen with a well coordinated transit on SAS. Trouble was where to stay. The idea was a brief visit around town and visitย the Tivoli. Optionsย around the main train station, which is adjacent to the Tivoliย were overpriced and pretty poor quality from experience. Given the complementary offerings, the Hilton attached to the Airport was similar pricedย and easily higher quality. While this wasn’t close to the Tivoliย it provided much greater convenience in avoiding the need to take luggage into town and back again, providing a more comfortable departure.ย The Hilton is attached by enclosed pedestrian walkway from the car park and metro station. This was an added benefit, taking the metro is quick and cheap.

Airport hotels often are associated with a spartan feeling but that didn’t seem to permeate here. Maybe it was Christmas but more likely the whole Danish thing. The airport doesn’t just handle airport travellers, it is also off the main highway near the bridge to Sweden. Being Christmas there are some better-than-normal rates available to capture the few Christmas travellers.ย I’m HH Gold ongoing so was hoping for an upgrade from the basic room. Check in was very welcoming . I asked if they were empty, the reply was a somewhat. Received a club room on the top floor. Possibly good timing but otherwise HH Gold proves its worth once again.ย The room was modern and spacious. Bathroom quite nice too.


Comfortable bed and couch


Spacious room with all you’d expect


Looking out at the highway. The other wings may have had better views.

Lounge was empty but was nicely fitted and had a wonderful fireplace setting which fit perfectly for the Scandinavian winter.


During the late afternoon / evening spent the day in town at the Tivoli.


Large open atrium

In the morning got to enjoy the buffet which had quite an impressive selection of options for a European property. Surprisingly there were quite a number of people in the morning so maybe I misjudged how quiet it was.

Airport Terminal

Looking down at the airport terminal

After finishing breakfast got to engage in a secret pleasure of hotels connected to airport terminals. Checking in your luggage then going back to bed. Well didn’t end up spending that much time back in the room, mostly packing up the carry-on before heading off for the SAS lounge.

Hilton Copenhagen

…and looking back from said terminal at the hotel

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