Singapore Airlines First Class Munich to Manchester

So a day or two ago I came to the realisation my summer month of travelling around Europe was not about to end. I had planned most things approximately besides the last flight. I figured it wouldn’t be that hard to find something for Munich to Arlanda in the week leading up but no reasonable awards, no youth/student tickets. 400-500 Euros direct on Norwegian. Umm, no thanks. So instead why not spend 400-500 Euro doing something interesting right?? Logic and travel heart agree it’s a win-win

It was an early start, like very early, barely any sleep. Starting on the southwest side of Munich, so a late night bus then the S8 to Munich Airport.

Joining early morning commuters on the S-Bahn

Joining early morning commuters on the S-Bahn

So all my rushing and early alarm was a bit pointless. Arrived before check-in opened… the airport was dead. Like most Star Alliance airlines, Singapore operate from Munich terminal 2. Slightly unusually they operate check-in from downstairs. Certainly hard to miss when entering from the train station. The airport is great… except the station exits in the plaza and forces you to walk a short distance outside, not really ideal for some people with luggage during poor weather.

SQ MUC Check-in

Singapore Airlines Munich Check-in

The First Departure

SQ tag flight to Manchester departs early!

I was still too early. Only one security checkpoint open, looked like I was one of the first passengers through. Even had to wait a few minutes before the lounge opened. First class on Singapore provided access to the Lufthansa Senator lounge and unfortunately not their much better First class lounge. I would have also had access to their irrespective of cabin flown with Star Gold  status. I’ve put the lounge into a separate post.

And finally onto the flights.
SQ328 MUC-MAN, on a Boeing 777-300ER 9V-SWF in first class, seat 1A. Flight length: 2:15 hr, 702 miles.

Eventually boarding was actually called. There were very few people awaiting to board. It appears that transit passengers did not deplane in Munich so only those on the tag flight had to board, only one of which was in Business class. They seemed a little eccentric as we were at the counter together and said it was all hardly worth it for such a short flight which I gently replied I appreciate a good sleep. We parted ways at the aerobridges.

Singapore B777-300ER with the LH Fanhansa creeping by

Singapore B777-300ER with the LH Fanhansa creeping by

Here’s where the fun starts. Not for the first time I’m all alone in a first class cabin. Not-so-awkward chance to take photos yay.

Singapore Airlines B777-300ER first class cabin

Singapore Airlines B777-300ER first class cabin

Like many first class cabins these days, there is no overhead storage, you bag stays by your feet. Very wide leather seat, decent materials and nice earthy colours. Fair sized, good screen, nothing over the top here. Could say it’s modest, then again anything compared to Emirates…

SQ F Display

SQ F Headphones

Decent headphones, so mine stayed in the bag

I had at least two staff members serving me given the cabin was now empty. Very high quality of service as you’d expect and yeah the kneeling thing. Anyway was offered a nice array of drinks including decent coffee, so yeah, coffee.


Like all tag flights, the catering suffers. At least in quantity (and variety) but also sometimes quality. Fortunately the latter was not the case here. Two meals to choose from, both listed as refreshments and I picked the Asian option.

Berry yoghurt, noodles with pork, mushrooms and bok choy

Berry yoghurt, noodles with pork, mushrooms and bok choy

Gallery of the menu is below for those interested.

After that I still had plenty of time to sleep the rest of the flight away. The seat of course converts to quite a comfortable bed. Quite well padded, not the absolute best out there but if you couldn’t sleep in this you need melatonin.

Adjacent seat converted to a bed

Adjacent seat converted to a bed

Given to the last few minutes prior to landing to get back to my seat and we’re in on the ground. Back in Manchester for the third time this year. Now to figure out how to get back to Sweden…

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