Melbourne all night transit

After the long but comfortable flight from Doha to Melbourne I had to overnight in Melbourne before my connection to Adelaide. Qatar’s late night arrival means no chance of any further domestic connection. Sounds miserable except that I have an old friend who now lives in Melbourne. Like myself, she appreciates the darkness and we’ve often roamed the night. So the glorious plan was an all nighter across Australia’s cultural capital. This is a bunch of random things that happened over the night.

The last time I saw Annee we were both still in Adelaide (well I was briefly) and it was probably involving the university gymnastics club. We had both moved on but still haven’t lost the spirit of the night. Starting in the central of Melbourne there is still some nightlife even on a weekday, it’s a large city and easily the most livable of the larger cities.

Starting in the city it was a chance to reload my SIM card and back to Australian convenience store pricing in 7 Eleven. Among the expensive items were of course cigarettes, having heard too many complain about a packet costing >€5 in the Netherlands it was good to be back where the costs are much, much higher again.


At some stage of course the city gets boring when there’s little happening. We got on the train to get her car out east. Closest thing around there still open was the a 24 hour Coles supermarket and the original Australian Kmart discount department store. Both stores operate all day however their attached mall shuts so we mostly perused the low quality merchandise and people watched. Somehow I’ve always been fascinated by who is shopping at 3 am and for what. (I honestly have no idea, of all places, Kmart and Coles would have been the most obvious places to take photos… but I didn’t.)

With not much in the way of prepared food we left for the next best place for the late night: McDonalds and Hungry Jacks (Burger King). Food always helps, particularly in the winter and even more so when you do the cliche thing and head to Brighton. The beach here is the overly photographed one in tourist campaigns and all that stuff. At night it’s completely deserted and in winter ridiculously cold.

We could however see wonderfully all way around the bay from Melbourne to probably Geelong.


It had only been a few hours but it was already time to head back to the airport. She drove us back me back to the airport. We had a quick breakfast in the Qantas Business Lounge before sunrise and I had to say goodbye. I hope to meet again soon.

I got another breakfast onboard in the business cabin. Having already got a warm breakfast on the ground was happy to stick with the muesli and yoghurt, and two large shots of vodka… or maybe it’s just water. I’d be back to Adelaide for at least 72 hours before heading back to the European continent.


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