Nanjing to Guangzhou on Shanghai Airlines

Needing to get closer to the border to cross to Hong Kong for a visa run, I set off to the airport in search of a flight not sure exactly where I’d end up. I ended up getting nearly as close to the border as possible on yet another uncomfortable Chinese domestic flight.

Today I flew on FM9355 2:00 669 seat 16A on a  Boeing 737-800.

I took the long taxi ride back to the airport, the taxi driver didn’t stop smoking the whole way but was quite nice to at least try to do it out the window. The city is quite a distance away but connected by an expressway so at 140 km/hr you’d sort of wish there were seat belts.

I got to the airport and hoped to find a cheap flight to somewhere down near Hong Kong. My visa is multi-entry but each stay is a maximum of 30 days which is getting close. So sticking to my plan not to plan, I found myself looking for a  cheap flight flight down to somewhere in Guangdong. After doing my waving act again (virtually zero chance anyone will speak English here) got a ticket for Shanghai Airlines to Guangzhou Airport where the code is CAN, an abbreviation of the old name Canton.

NKG-CAN Route Map

Like the my prior domestic flight, there was moderate to significant turbulence throughout the flight. So again quite unpleasant 🙁

I was sitting next to a business man who after looking at me a few times decided to talk to me. His English was amazingly well which might explain why he works for a multi-national, frequently engaging with foreign clients. On arrival he directed me to coach service into town which helped a lot. Upon exiting the terminal I felt a lot more comfortable in the temperate climate and cleaner air compared to up north.

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