Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht

Utrecht is home to several good museums, owning to its long history. The St. Catherine’s Convent Museum (Museum Catharijneconvent) exhibits a history of religious art with some spectacular pieces. I had a free visit to use up so visited this morning. Although they were only partially opened, with renovations and a new exhibit opening shortly, I was still impressed, particularly with the basement which had a range of ornamental and ceremonials items.

The ground floor hosts a wide range of paintings across age, styles and denominations. From romanticism to post-modernist pieces that challenge the role of art in religion entirely. Unfortunately the rest of the museum was closed when I visited, there is the upper floor and another building toward the back used for exhibition space. So I hope to revisit again sometime.

Museum Catharijneconvent Artwork

Located in, wait for it, the old St. Catherine’s Convent on Lange Nieuwstraat (lit. long new street) which runs parallel and between Oudegracht and Nieuwegracht (old and new canal). The entrance is at the back of St. Catharinakathedraal and through the courtyard. You’ll find it half way between the University Museum (Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht) and the Dom Tower / university main building in the Museum Quarter.

St. Catharinakathedraal

Museum Catharijneconvent Courtyard

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