An autumn afternoon in The Hague 🍂

Before the winter sets in we spent an afternoon down in Den Haag. What a difference two months makes, when I last visited it was summertime. Now with jacket weather and threatening skies we stuck to the centre of town, 

We took the train down from Utrecht. Any train travel within the Randstad is very efficient particularly with Utrecht as the heart. In no time we were down to Den Haag with the construction sites surrounding the station still slowly making progress.


We planned to spend just a few hours and head back to Utrecht for dinner. Liz hadn’t been to The Hague before so we started in political centre of the Netherlands, the Binnenhof and the Hofvijver – the complex that houses the government and the lake surrounding it.


There are many nice shopping streets nearby, which are worth your shopping time.


We were lucky with markets open nearby, selling all sorts of antiques, artworks and other collectables. This was adjacent to Lange Voorout, the old town centre of The Hague, which today is a lovely tree lined avenue.



She’s levitating again

We walked across the city for the remainder of the afternoon, crossing through the older town and ended around the Palace Noordeinde. The whole area is full of shops and a traditional Dutch cityscape. Particularly around the palace are many monuments, mostly of the royal family and the palace has a large public park.


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