Moscow to Helsinki on Finnair

Time to leave Moscow and head to Europe again. I suppose the natural bridge between the two is Finland so it was only natural to fly them.

We flew on AY154 SVO-HEL on an Embraer E190LR, OH-LKM in all economy, I had seat 3A. Flight length: 1:40 hr, 543 miles.

Played around with booking this a bit, ended up getting a cash fare SVO-HEL-CPH with a stopover in Helsinki for a reasonable amount.

The day started having to track to the Belorussky Rail Terminal to take Aeroexpress to SVO. Tickets are pretty cheap. There is also a business class carriage at the front for about double the price. Well naturally we took this. It has the feel of old soviet rail but at least you have space and some free refreshments including a mountain of bottled water so it made the trip quite comfortable.

Arriving into the airport the terminals are somewhat confusing. At least they’ve sort of cleared up the terminal nomenclature but it does still feel like a mess. In this case we were departing from Terminal D which was a bit of an indirect and moderate walk from  the train station. Eventually we found where we were meant to be however.

Sheremetyevo D Departures Level

Sheremetyevo D Departures Level

Unlike all other oneworld airlines, Finnair use Sheremetyevo (SVO) to the north of Moscow. This means it’s somewhat just a random airline there. Ground handling is dealt by Aeroflot. Staff recognition of oneworld status was not bad. Sometimes you expect to catch ground crew off guard at outstations without any oneworld flights and you’re present two quite foreign emerald status cards.

We had access to one of the lounges operated by Aeroflot. They nicely name their lounges. We went to the Blues lounge. It wasn’t lounge however until we needed to board.


Being a jungle jet, boarding was quick and painless.

This was one of those forgettable flights. Nothing spectacular out of Finnair in economy, particularly on a short flight.

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