Disaster recovery

After the disaster of the SriLankan Airlinesย flights, I’ve been working my way through all the jobs to getting myย bookings refunded, insurance claims and more.

So far:

  1. Phoned Amex, they’ve put a temporary suspension on all the transactions
  2. Emailed SriLankan requesting a refund for the first ticket/flight
  3. Phoned Orbitz about the second ticket and listened as they have no idea what to do
  4. Made some enquiries about insurance

This was one of those unusual times where I had neither corporate coverage nor a discrete policy in place so going to rely on the (often weak) supplementary coverage of the Amex platinum card. Probably a good time for me for me to re-read ย the PDS of each complementary coverage I have access to for future reference.

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