Stockholm to Munich Lufthansa Business Class

Another early morning rush from Uppsala down to Arlanda, this time however to Terminal 5 to fly Lufthansa to Munich, connecting to a first class flight to Dubai! This would be worth the pain of getting to Munich relatively early. Sitting at the front of the plane, I overheard the gate agent (GA) and flight attendant (FA) making idle chatter while they waited.

GA: Do you still stay in Uppsala?
FA: Yeah, wish we wouldn’t have to stay in Uppsala. It’s just as far but.
GA: They used to stay in Stockholm
FA: Yeah. I wish they wouldn’t make us stay there, but it’s cheaper I suppose.
GA: I know, it’s just full of students.
FA: Yeah, makes me jealous having to work.

Well that made me smile. Us students in Uppsala do have a reputation apparently.

The flight itself was pretty ordinary. Business class in Europe is generally a let down, even with all the ‘better’ airlines e.g. British Airways and Finnair. The flight was operated on an A321, but no business class seating here. It was typical 3×3 with the middle seats blocked with a solid table/rest. Legroom in 1C with the bulkhead was satisfactory, I was able to stretch out into the aisle if I wanted, at risk of getting hit occasionally. Otherwise the bulkhead was close enough to be uncomfortable. Slightly unusual, the bulkhead window seats (1A/F) had tray tables on the bulk head rather than in the arm rest. Not sure it makes much difference. Food was like the seats, at best quite average. I suppose I just expected more to be honest. Fortunately I ate a plate of everything thrown together in the SAS lounge prior to boarding.

Lufthansa is a well recognised airline and brand name in Europe however their premium service is not fantastic so far. Actually one can read many negative comments about their business class products. It is their first class which is meant to be at the top of the game, relative to other players. I would be judging for myself shortly with a flight to Dubai but first it was off to the relatively exclusive Lufthansa Munich first class lounge.

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