The Travel Wallet Lost & Found in Dubai Airport

Really didn’t expect this at all, so quite chuffed โ€“ I totally just wanted to use that word regardless how I felt. Anyway, aย couple months ago I got stranded overnight at Dubai Airport by SriLankan Airlines in probably the most trying experience I’ve enduredย in air travel. Thankfully Emirates rescued me but after finally somewhat recouping in their old (Concourse C) First Class Lounge, I left my travel wallet there. I assumed it was left there because I had a photo of it on the dining table, before going to gate. It was the adjacent gate, someย 15 seconds walk away and kept walking straight onto the plane. On arriving into Singapore the onboard crew and Changi ground staff, particularly the ground supervisor went to great lengths to help, including disassembling the F seat. The manager had me file a report (my bag went missing too โ€“ thank SriLankan again) and I suggested the lounge. I also personally phoned the lounge, Emirates and also the airport lost and found twice, but to no avail. So being my first time back in Dubai since, I decided to try one last time, in person.

I take plenty of useless photos, like this one. But looking back, hey there's the wallet! Under the circumstances, it was practically impossible to have dropped it between the lounge and boarding the plane.

I take plenty of useless photos, like this one. But looking back, hey there’s the wallet! (It’s on the far right.) Sitting in the Emirates First Class Lounge before boarding the flight. Under the circumstances, it was practically impossible to have dropped it between the lounge and boarding the plane.

The Dubai Airport lost and found office location is super obscure if you don’t know where to look. Between concourse Cย and concourse B is a pedestrian walkway. (Dubai Airport can be somewhat complicated by the different terms โ€“ landside terminals and airside concourses โ€“ the best/simplestย visual explanation is on the Qantas site.) Right at the point where this walkway starts and the oldest concourse, concourse C originally ended is an emergency egress. Through here a few metres in is a very small room with some security looking guys.


Looks obvious now but I have spent far too much time roaming the various Dubai Airport concourses and know them overly well now. Lost and found doesn’t pop out at all.

I sat down and explained everything. They typed away into the computer and waited and waited. A few phone calls in Arabic, lost on me. The small room is filled with recently lost items, often small pieces of luggage. I did not expect any resultย after calling them and going through this I thought. I had many hours before my next flight and I had just been taking a few photos in the terminal for reference. Good news they said, they have my wallet! Amazed but equally wondering why it took me to turn up in person to get this result!?! Happy no matter. They told me however it was in storage so it would take time to retrieve it. But they could get someone to bring it up during the next shift. Thank goodness I have such a long transit then!

I’d return a few hours later and there it was. Fortunately the wallet had quite a few airline cards with my name on it, hence they knew a bit about me. It didn’t have my most important cards as I kept IDs, financial cards and travel cards in three separate wallets โ€“ particularly for security but also saves me changing cards around, just take the one I need at the time. The money however was not there. It was a small amount of AED, maybe $10-20 worth. I was told cash was automatically taken/given to the police. For such a small amount it didn’t matter. But I was given a police reference number I could give them but that would take some time so for now I’ve let it go and just be so glad with the unexpected reunion and for this story having happy ending.

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