Quietly hit Qantas Lifetime Silver

Have received ‘the letter’, which is all you receive, toย say I’ve hit earned enough status credits to retain silver for life.ย It is important to keep it all in perspective, five years or so ago when I opened an account I barely knew of, let alone would have expected to reach silver status. Although the benefits are limited โ€“ lifetime gold is absolutely where it’s at (lounge access being the big one there), having some priority on Qantas and across oneworld should not be coughedย at.

Of course it’s rather underwhelming and in the slight chance I don’t re-qualify for platinum next year (this year will be easy) and I don’t get comped for 2015, I’d fall soft land to Gold. So the earliest I’d ever see the card 2016/7 if I stopped flying or at least crediting to Qantas.ย Atย the currentย rate however I’llย probably make lifetime gold by then, unless there are some major changes announced.

Ideally I can see thisย being the plan: hit lifetime gold which provides nearly all the benefits of platinum, especially lounge access, extra baggage and use of priority lanes. Once you’ve got to that stage you can credit flights to other programs that offer better value for the points. Currently I’ve been hitting more than double the platinum requirement so I have a lot of breathing space. Anyway, for today I should just be thankful, assuming they will be around a while (can’t say the same for all airlines!) I’ve already chalked up lifetime status in my twenties so will get years of use out of this.

Qantas Lifetime Silver Letter

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