Four Points by Sheraton Brisbane

My cunning last minute, same-day booking out of New Zealand had a slight bend in it, which was an overnight stay in Brisbane. Not to worry, I had sort of planned for this. The Four Points in Brisbane was rather cheap and it wouldn’t hurt to get another night with SPG.

I arrived late and departed early the next, unaware it was a public holiday in Australia. Took the train + Uber in from the airport, Brisbane although a lot better than years past still needs a bit more public transport.

The hotel is very thin and so overall feels small and restricting. I didn’t get to sleep much the night before in Auckland so spent nearly my entire time here asleep. The room is what you’d expect, nothing fabulous but all clean and everything looking nearly new.

4p-brisbane-roomFour Points Brisbane Bathroom

At checking in was told I was ‘upgraded’ with the upgrade slip and all, which usually means something being SPG Platinum but in this case it was maybe a ‘preferred room’ at best, which means a view. At least as good a view of the river that you can get from this property.

The amount of time I have spent/lived in Brisbane over the past years, if I want to see the river I’d just loiter around Eagle Street Pier or Kangaroo Point. Otherwise the hotel provides a solid, international standard product. Just keep in mind Australia has a phobia for all things foreign or deemed potentially unsafe, so no there are no multi power sockets and I was limited in charging most of my stuff to the one Aust/NZ apple plug I had.

I think that’s all I really want to mention is how odd it feels to stay in a hotel in Australia. Although I spend little time here now it is not a place I associate with spending nights in hotels and SPG has been until recently, very limited in Australia with only a few properties. But more than anything it feels like being a stranger in your own country. Although a large country I have spent decent amounts of time in most of its capital cities. I felt similar when overnighting at the Four Points in Perth too.

Took the measly 250 point platinum welcome gift in place of breakfast. As I would be taking the morning flight to Adelaide. I was picked up by a friend with the family in toe whom I had only ever had email contact with. It was great to finally meet, Jackie! Her husband dropped us off at Brisbane as I recalled driving down to the airport years ago before they made all the huge infrastructure investments. I dropped my (still broken) bag off and headed to the Qantas Business Lounge for breakfast. Not much had changed here in the recent years, there used to be incremental changes but overall compared to Europe the local domestic business and frequent traveller lounges are light years ahead.

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