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A colourful return to Skopje ๐ŸŒˆ

Having given up entering Serbia for now, I decided to just fly over the fucking country the long way. Getting down to Skopje for a flight was meant to be routine but political protests in the Macedonian capital helped add some life to the day.

The old and new of Pristina

I spent the day exploring Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. I arrived here last night after deciding to leave Prizren but too late to head much further than the capital. Unlike Prizren this is definitely a city, not a town. It is characteristically cosmopolitan in a surprising sense. However underneath...

Pristina Ethnographic Museum

During my brief stay inย Pristina I visited the Ethnographic Museum. It’s small โ€“ just a couple old houses, but tries to give a glimpse into the local culture and family unit prior to global influences arrived. It’s hidden in the back streets but not far from other major sights and...