Restarting the blog it seems

At this point I have lost count how many times I have attempted to get this blog running. Here we are, who knows how many years since I first starting. Changed host again and lots of things are missing. Currently it is predominantly travel posts but overtime this should hopefully change. Rather than get...

Cold Night at Gamla Uppsala

After visiting Sigtuna in the day, somehow it felt like a great idea to make a night visit to Gamla Uppsala. Bike riding turned to a short bus trip that became an even shorter stay as the wind chill was colder than expected. At least a brief chance for night...

Solar Eclipse from Gili Islands

Somewhat luckily we were in Indonesia for the Solar Eclipse in March 2016. Unlucky in that we had nearly travelled further north and would have been better placed to witness it but the Gili Islands provided a rather unique viewing of it.

Dutch Credit Card Bonus Offers

Enough reward points to take a holiday? Some fancy cash back offer? What about free movie tickets or some luxury item? Check out this amazing special sign up offer from one of the major Dutch banks.

2012 map so far

2012 isn’t over just yet but here is flight map so far of the year particularly after the large trip in July and August.