Back to NZ. Cathay Pacific to Auckland in business

Transiting through Hong Kong from Bangkok all on a last minute whim. I would be going to New Zealand overnight on Cathay Pacific’s flagship business class product on the Boeing 777-300ER. The flight time is a surprisingly long 12 hours down to Auckland. A long overnight flight with this product is an almost ideal travel circumstances. Plenty of time to sleep, a good flat bed, limited timezone shifts where you get to sleep in and still wake up early and of course plenty of nice food and beverages. I originally booked this flight intentionally to fly on the last of the long-haul routes Cathay Pacific operate their A340 on. This featured the older herringbone business class, some called coffin class although everyone had fully flat beds and direct aisle access. I was actually a fan of it and there was of course some sentimental value. However during southern summer they were operating a double daily schedule and operate their 777 on the extra flight which I ended up flying. Although some companies are persisting with their A340 fleet, they’re becoming rarer with high fuel consumption.

The seat onboard is the same as my prior flight up from Bangkok and many other recent flights on Cathay Pacific, however the Boeing is a couple feet wider, so the cabin slightly more spacious. Departure time was a healthy 9 PM which meant a full dinner service, even after eating eating in their refurbished first class lounge, The Pier. These flights have quite extensive menus, although nothing like some top-end first class flights.
Cathay Pacific to Auckland Business Class Menu

Since I wasn’t too hungry at this stage I choose the Fettuccini because pasta is usually not great on a plane but if it was good then the one thing I can eat when full would be pasta. Logic.

Cathay Pacific to Auckland Business Class Starter

A Marlborough Pinot Noir was joined by Champagne Deutz was onboard this evening.

Cathay Pacific to Auckland Business Class Dinner

The Fettuccini turned out to be better than expected. Which only made me hungry.

Cathay Pacific to Auckland Business Class Dessert

Dessert is often quite basic but sweet is sweet. That was enough food for now but being a long-haul flight they have ‘snacks’ onboard you can order anytime including ice cream, noodle soup and an Australian beef burger which was great on the much longer Toronto to Hong Kong flight.

I was still well short of sleep from the past 24 hours starting in Chiang Mai, train to Bangkok then flight up to Hong Kong. I slept great, always a pleasure on the fully flat beds Cathay Pacific use. Of course after a good long sleep you then get woken up… for more food. Super early breakfast by Kiwi time and since I wasn’t in breakfast mode myself either I ordered dim sum. Other choices were chicken and bean curd congee or typical western affair of scrambled eggs, vegetables and meat.

Cathay Pacific to Auckland Business Class Breakfast

Certainly wasn’t great dim sum but it’s been on a plane for 12 hours too. Cathay Pacific once again provide a fantastic business class product. Although I was disappointed to miss out flying their A340 before it was phased out

Early morning arrival into Auckland was smooth and before long I was back on antipodean soil facing a wall of korus.

Cathay Pacific to Auckland Business Class Arrival

Just before departing I had messaged a friend currently living in NZ and rent a car – Déjà vu! This time would be doing a multi day road trip from Auckland to the northern tip of New Zealand, a region I had yet explored.

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